The Truly Rich……..

The truly rich count the thing’s that money can’t buy and are those who enjoy what they already have……  A wealthy businessman from the North was horrified to find a Southern fisherman lying lazily beside his boat, smoking his pipe. “Why aren’t you out fishing?” asked the businessman. “because I’ve caught enough fish for the day” replied the fisherman. “Why don’t you go out and catch some more?” “what would I do with them?” “You could earn more money” was the businessman’s reply. “With the extra money you could fix an engine to your boat and catch even more fish.  You would then have even more money to buy some nylon nets, these would bring you more fish and more money.  Soon you would have enough money to buy another boat…. maybe even a fleet of boats.  The you would be a rich man like me!”

“What would I do then?” asked the fisherman. “Then you could really enjoy life”

– “What do you think I’m doing right now?”

Life should not be all about excess work and excess money. Giving time to others, especially our families and children is much more important.

It doesn’t matter how big our homes are, or how much money we have in the bank or how expensive our clothes are – our graves will all be the same size.

Only when we let go of the desire to aquire, will we truly live! – stay humble! x

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