Remember: If God is all you have – You have all you need

We are not alone.  We are not what we have, what we do, what other’s think of us……… the list could go on forever – But we are part of a world which was created to perfection – every single thing in it has a purpose and a reason to be here – and that includes YOU.  You have been made to perfection by your creator.  There has never been anyone, nor ever will be anyone just like you! – you are connected to God, your creator, and to all of God’s creations.  – Nurture that sense of connection to God and everyone.  Know that people who need to be connected to you will show up at the right time, should it be to help you find the right job, the right partner in life, to solve an issue that seems irreconcilable to help you back on your feet or to resolve financial difficulties.  Observe every day.  The people who need to walk in front of you, will do just that.  The people who need to telephone or email you will do just that.  Always remember in a world created to such perfection, there are no coincidences – You are not alone – You will never be alone – and if God is all you have – You have all you need x

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